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                Designing creative & collaborative experiences for communities & organizations.

                BELONG TOGETHER:?Waterloo Region (Happening Now!)

                As of July 1st we have distributed ~12000 tiles!

                We’re cutting?1000s of tiles and reaching out to creative hubs across the region. The Goal??Connect and share this project with as many people as possible.

                This branch of the Belong Together project is lead by Jason Panda (KWPanda) and m Turner (Tinker Truck). Together we thank?all the incredible?people, communities and organizations who have already connected and supported the project.

                And remember… if you’re new… ?There’s still lots of time to get involved!

                Thank You For Your Support! The success of this project relies on your enthusiasm and generous support. Contributing $1 covers the cost of your tile while $2 will help us support someone who is unable to contribute. (We will continue to produce tiles while we have the resources to do so.)

                Remember… If you’re?Looking for news, updates and / or information about this project… Or maybe you just want to connect with an amazing community! Consider joining our Belong Together: Waterloo Region Facebook Group!?

                Get Tile(s)!

                Connect your school, family or community.

                Share Your Art

                Send us an image of your finished tile so we n share your message!

                Tile Collection!

                Are your tiles complete? We’re now collecting tiles for display!


                We try to answer some of the most common questions!


                Our online collection is another way to share, connect and create!

                On Display!

                A collection of tiles n be found at CIGI in Uptown Waterloo!

                CONNECT WITH ART


                Please contact us to start a conversation:?connect@


                This tile based project was created as a response to connections lost and communities fragmented during the COVID-19 pandemic.?Its goal is to remind us that, even apart, we’re each an integral piece of the puzzle.

                Your tile, just like you, matters… ?and every one of us fits. We belong together.

                While we may have started the project in the Waterloo Region… Belong Together tiles are available to anyone who’s interested in connecting their community. Each tile is approximately $1.50 (D) and n be shipped to you as soon as they’re ready.


                Modelled after the Belong Together concept… The online mural will allow participants to add their own abstract photo to the final piece.

                Our?Waterloo Region Project?is an example that uses the Belong Together tile but other shapes and parameters are possible.

                As it grows and changes communities n use it to discuss anything from photography and colour theory to community connections and belonging.

                PUZZLE MURALS

                Puzzle Murals n be any shape, any size and created with any number of pieces.

                The design should be simple but connected to your community (abstract? variation of your logo?) and the overall size?depends on the shape and size of your community… and wall!

                Once created the puzzles pieces are laser cut and delivered to you. We’ll then leave you with some directions and suggestions or, we n also host live or recorded art sessions for you and your community.

                PAST PROJECTS

                LOOKING FOR A NEW IDEA?

                Please contact us to start a conversation:?connect@


                September is National Childhood ncer Awareness Month marked by thousands of families, survivors and regivers touched by childhood ncer.?

                Each fall?since 2008* KCI Art students have created a chalk mural on the sidewalks outside Grand River Hospital. This evolving collaborative mural shares colour, design and form in support of and in celebration of successes in ncer research. (Learn more)

                *Unfortunately we could not draw in 2020 beuse of COVID-19… But we’ll be back!

                STORY TILES

                Story tiles are a unique and exciting way to engage a community in a collaborative artistic creation.?Starting with an original tessellation, a template is laser cut and the lines traced on site.

                Participants n then colour and stylize as many shapes as they’d like as the final piece grows and evolves. (Learn More)

                Imagine A Show

                Imagine A Show was created to showse the imagination, passion, talent and creativity of youth through photography in the Waterloo Region. Each year (2012 to 2016) we sent a challenge to ALL youth (aged 0 to 18) to pick up their meras and tell stories that only they n tell.

                For five years we worked alongside community leaders including THEMUSEUM, Kitchener Public Library, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Maker Expo, snapd KW and Waterloo Public Library to deliver programs and inspire youth through workshops and opportunities. (Learn More)

                Pan Am Mural

                This project, created by FASM (Fine Arts Society of Milton), is a multi-panel mural for the 2015 Pan Am Games.?The piece and process was exciting and the final mural was a fantastic collection of work by 80 artists, all with unique styles, techniques and media.

                We advised, co-coordinated, photographed and published a book documenting the process and showsing each individual artist and panel.

                The mural was presented to the Town of Milton and unveiled in the Velodrome May 2015.?(Learn More)


                On March 20th?2014 Grand River Hospital hosted ‘Journey of Hope’. The party was part of Bell’s #ClarasBigRide and its mission was to bring awareness to mental health: ‘Working together to create a stigma-free nada’.

                For the event we coordinated a 54 panel, 12′ x 8′ mural. The end result was fantastic and me together beuse of the?incredible artists, teachers and leaders who contributed to the final piece.?The final piece is owned by Grand River Hospital and was shown at an event held at Bingemans in?Kitchener. (Learn more)


                Jason Panda is an Artist and Art Edutor living and creating in the Waterloo Region. He is passionate about collaboration, community and creativity.


                The Belong Together Tile Project is his response to conversations that he had with his friends, colleagues, students and family during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

                As he continues to make and teach… he will try to remind his kids, himself and others: We’re not alone.

                Tessellations, made popular by the world renowned Graphic Artist M.C. Escher, illustrate incredible worlds and visualize complex mathematil principles.?

                As an art form, viewers are constantly finding new points of interest to tch their attention as positive and negative spaces intertwine and slide together creating intrite shapes and stories.

                Jason has been exploring tessellations since 2016. One of his first designs was stamped into the ground outside the Button Factory, Uptown Waterloo while other pieces have been seen at festivals, on murals and printed as textile patterns.

                To help realize Belong Together, Jason lled on an old friend, the founder of Tinker Truck Inc. and?talented maker…?m Turner.


                Outside of Belong Together, Jason continues to design creative and collaborative experiences for communities and organizations. He is always excited to have conversations with potential collaborators and he looks forward to the next connection.

                If you have questions or would like to help, support or connect please contact: connect@

                Every Piece Matters
                We Belong Together

                If you have questions or would like to help, support or connect please contact: connect@

                Thank You!

                For the incredible?support, messages and connections!

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